“Ludovica is a Treasure”

“This summer we went to Rome. Yes Rome! All our friends told us not to go; “It’s just another big city”, “You’ll never find your way around”, ”The traffic is horrific”, and on and on. But we were coerced. My parents felt like this would be their last trip to Italy and Rome was the one place that they had missed in their many sojourns.

So we went.

Luck or divine providence interceded and we were introduced to Ludovica through the Internet. From the very first e-mail we knew she was special: witty, crazy- just right for our family. What we didn’t know was what a rare and remarkable women she really is. Forget your mental image of a tour guide. Ludovica is a treasure. She is a professor, numismatist, antiquities expert, storyteller, researcher, and totally connected Rome “insider”. From the moment that you put yourself in her hands you have but to sit back and relax as Ludovica spins her magic and Rome unfolds before you. She made the city come alive for us; weaving the present and the past into a beautiful tapestry of a wonderfully rich and generous people. We felt not merely welcomed but at home. In addition to the historic sites, museums, and galleries we were treated to a “local’s only” perspective that included small, quaint, and oh so delicious family restaurants as well as the best shops and out of the way places. And as for the normal tourist sites… don’t even bother to go without Ludovica. She knows every back door and insiders scoop on what to see and when to see them. While swarms of tourist waited in a two-hour line outside the Sistine Chapel our family was whisked effortlessly into the empty chapel to experience it much the way Michelangelo would have- quietly, reverently. It was a moment that will forever be emblazoned in our minds. That is what Ludovica is all about; the special moments that will be part of your life not just part of your scrapbook.

As to the traffic… Well all our friends were right. Leave that part to Ludovica.

As to Rome… We’ll never go to Italy without visiting. And we’ll never visit without Ludovica at our side.”

Dr. Raymond and Paula Parker

Raleigh, NC