“Highlight of our Whole Trip”

“Hi Flaminia,

We are back now and in our “re-entry” mode. After reflecting even just a little bit, I think we all agreed that our time with you was the highlight of our whole trip.

We had a great time and Tim, Lisa, Lorrie and I talked all day today about how we missed having you with us. You taught us a lot and made it fun.

You SO enhanced our enjoyment of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, St. Pauls, the Coliseum, etc., etc. When we went to see the St. Theresa statue after being with you, we were standing in the back of the church and Greg turned to me and said, “I miss her already!”

So Flaminia, thank you and thank you. We will forever be grateful for the way you showed us Rome.

All our best!


Lorrie Forgatch