Food Tours

Travelling to Rome is a lifetime opportunity to sample some of Italy’s finest food. Very often tourists are faced with the overwhelming dilemma of finding high quality, authentic Italian products. During my personalized food tour in the heart of charming Trastevere, my knowledge and experience of Italian food culture provides an in-depth overview of historical Roman dishes and the origins of famous ingredients and traditions. An opportunity to spend the day eating high quality, fresh ingredients in the local market, shops and restaurants. I teach my clients what to look for while shopping for food, choosing a restaurant, how to spot real gelato and most importantly to savour each bite of pasta just as the Italians do. During my food tour customers will also learn about the sights, buildings and fountains around us, historical facts and interesting legends. 
Foodies in Rome tour is founded on the best and most authentic local traditions and locations. Group sizes are small and personalized, ending with each customer feeling satisfied and equipped with knowledge to use during their visit in the eternal city and an everlasting memory when they are back home cooking their favourite pasta.