“Carlo Is The Greatest!”

“We discovered him through our travel agent initially, then returned to Rome several months later and hired him again.  We saw and did more in two days with Carlo than we could have done alone in a week.  He is extremely knowledgeable, very proud to be a genuine “Roman”, very personable, very flexible (what would YOU like to do?), but very helpful (here’s what I would suggest).  He’s not cheap, and when we got there we thought we would keep him for, say, 3 hours.  We ended up keeping him for two full days, and enjoyed every minute of it.  He was reared in Texas and graduated from college there.  As you can guess, he is very fluent in English, and has become our good friend.  His mother is also a very prominent Tour Guide, and the two of them have got to be at the top of their profession.  Carlo has contacts everywhere in Italy, and he can help you with other arrangements in other areas if you wish.  E.g., he helped us secure a Villa in the Tuscany area, he secured for us an excellent guide in Naples/Pompeii, and another in Capri.   He’s a great guy, and worth every penny/lira.  If you miss Carlo, you have missed Rome!”

Grady Clinkscales Jr., M.D. 
Atlanta, GA