“An Unbelievable Time”

“Carlo and Giulia,

First please accept my apologies for being SO late in writing to thank you both for making our trip to Rome one we will never forget. Our group had an unbelievable time due to both of you. I am still reading through some of the books we bought on Rome and the Vatican and my new favorite channel on TV has been the history channel and anything to do with Italy.

You guys both did an unbelievable job explaining things to us and making sure we saw the right things. There is no doubt that we will be back. My adult children (ages 24 and 26) are already trying to get us to plan a “family” trip back to Italy. We define a “family” trip as one that Dad pays for.

Again thanks for everything and I have a co-worker that has younger children, ages 9 and 12 that are planning a trip this August and will be reaching out to you to check on your availability.”

Kevin Brown

Cornelius, NC