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Experience Rome in a tour customized to your preferences– from the Vatican, to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo and more

Tours in the Eternal City

All of our family members are accredited Tour Guides with the City of Rome

We cover all of Rome – from the extensive archeological sites of the ancient city to modern art galleries and the authentic corners of Rome where local flavor intermingles with centuries of history. Our expert team, made up of licensed tour guides with the city of Rome, is ready to give you a personal and customized experience.

With over 3,000 years of history, you never run out of things to see in what once used to be the caput mundi or ‘capital of the world’. Rome is full of attractions and sights, churches and museums, beautiful views and curiosities, not to mention all the anecdotes!

Whether you are a small group, family, or a large party we adjust our private tours to your interests, knowledge, and energy level to create the best tour for you.

Contact us directly to personalize your travel experience, and we will gladly match you with one of our local, expert guides.

Tours for EVERYONE



Apart from the monuments, history and art, there are always more ways to explore the city. Select from the following fun ideas or ask us about unique ways to experience Rome and around Italy. Tell us your preferences and style and we can work with you to create the perfect vacation for you!


  • “Thoroughly enjoyed every minute”

    “We just want you to know how very much we enjoyed our time in Rome…We feel fortunate to have had you lead us through the complicated morass of Rome’s political history, the role of the church and the lives of the Romans for centuries. You made wonderful memories for us that we will cherish.We thoroughly enjoyed […]

  • “Rome in a Day”

    “Our heads were spinning as we were transported back to the coast and the late twentieth century in the gathering dusk. We were exhausted by the sheer volume of the day, feeling that fatigue known only to us time travelers who have felt the strain of space-time compression. We must go back to fill in for ourselves some of the richness possessed by this ancient city at a more leisurely pace. But, what a first day! We were the envy of our shipmates after our “Rome in a Day” tour with Carlo and his Wayback Machine.”
    – Dan Johnson, Ft Worth, TX

  • “Highlight of our Whole Trip”

    “Hi Flaminia, We are back now and in our “re-entry” mode. After reflecting even just a little bit, I think we all agreed that our time with you was the highlight of our whole trip. We had a great time and Tim, Lisa, Lorrie and I talked all day today about how we missed having […]

  • “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!”

    “I will recommend you to any of our friends who are traveling Italy. At first the men were a bit skeptical about having a tour guide. They said only in Rome–did not want a guide anywhere else. After our wonderful experience in Rome they were all sorry that we did not arrange a guide in Florence!!! Flaminia did good–she also gave us some great restaurant suggestions.”
    – Doris Fanoe

  • “An Unbelievable Time”

    “You guys both did an unbelievable job explaining things to us and making sure we saw the right things. There is no doubt that we will be back. My adult children (ages 24 and 26) are already trying to get us to plan a “family” trip back to Italy. ”
    – Kevin Brown, Cornelius, NY

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